Amanda is a Canadian-born visual ethnographer. Having grown up in a town of less than 200 people in northern Alberta, she's comfortable in small and unusual places. She has worked for indigenous groups, government, co-management boards and industry within the context of resource management and consultation. With a Masters in Intercultural and International Communications, her academic and documentary work focuses on themes relating to culture and connection to place.

Photography has been a lifelong passion for Amanda, but it wasn’t until she started her Masters in 2016 that she began to cultivate her use of documentary photography. In 2018, she was named one of the 100 Top Emerging Photographers in the Flash Forward competition by the Magenta Foundation. She currently resides in Yellowknife, NWT, where she hopes to add more regional diversity to Canadian documentary voice and is the Producer of the Yellowknife-based Far North Photo Festival.

Awards, Reviews, and Workshops

2018, Flash Forward Emerging Photographer, Magenta Foundation

2018, Review Santa Fe, CENTER

2018, Honorable Mention - Documentary and Reportage, The 12th Annual Julia Awards

2019, Photojournalism Award Finalist, Canadian Association of Journalists

2019-2021, Anderson Ranch, Advanced Mentor Studies, James Estrin and Ed Kashi


2018, The Other Art Fair – Print Swap/Feature Shoot group show, London

2018, Places Between – MUSE Projects group show at Nuit Blanche, Toronto

2018, Emerging Photographers #1 - Group exhibition for the European Month of Photography, BerlinBlue Art Gallery, Berlin 

2021, Photoville The Fence exhibit in Calgary's Olympic Plaza

+1 (780) 689 9046 (Canada)

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